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Ai Based Internet Censorship - Algorithmic Censorship

Algorithm Definition
"A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer[1]." Algorithms are a way for computers to have their own thinking processes.


Algorithms can be used for both evils and positives. I have argued that Ai is a neutral tool with incredible potency to shape our society for the better or for the worse (or both). As a society we have barely scratched the surface of the utility and potential of artificial intelligence. Public domain unknowns related to Ai are common knowledge for black project engineers and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has sought to weaponize algorithms for decades.

Algorithmic Censorship

As is evidenced in Wikileaks contributions with Vault 7, intelligence agencies (especially the CIA) have a smorgasbord of hardware & software with many weaponized uses. Involved in this is an agenda to curtail the spreading of truth on the internet.

Just a few decades ago in order to get a message to millions of people you had to be featured in establishment controlled media (Newspapers, Magazines, Radio & TV). Candidates for exposure were (and still are) carefully chosen for their establishment friendly traits. With the advent of the internet any brilliant source can be heard in great number with far less media control. In order to counter the potent worldwide network of internet information sharing a wide variety of psychological operations / disinformation programs have been concocted by the powers that be. As these psychological operations begin to be decrypted one of the next logical steps for the hidden hand is to use algorithms to censor sensitive information.

I make note that superior intelligence agency algorithmic knowledge can be used as a resource for covert influence of alleged creators of a corporate algorithm. I imagine this is largely done for societal engineering purposes...

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to know about how groups like the CIA implement their agenda into algorithmic censorship is the electronic control grid covert influence. The CIA influences the fields of artificial intelligence via a thought reactive mind influencing Ai connected directed energy weapons system. One of the ways the CIA has weaponized brain-computer interface technologies is in the form of covert implantation of ideas that serve their agenda. Once an algorithm is figured out by the CIA, and they have figured out a lot I'm sure, they assess it's uses in the public domain. If an algorithm proves useful they can implement the algorithm or key portions of the algorithm through the undetected use of intelligence Ai and BCI tech based implanted thoughts.

Algorithmic Warfare Tactics

• Algorithms can be created for literally anything & under any agenda
• Ai warfare gives the fascist many options
• Superior knowledge of algorithms has been obtained by electronic control grid sources
• Algorithmic warfare intended for control of information and internet censorship is on the horizon, and is already here in a smaller form than ultimately planned
• Influence of corporate algorithms via covert implantation of thought
• False flag operations to manipulate certain agenda-driven algorithms into application
• Doctoring of algorithmic terrorist detection to censor government war crimes
• The deeper more sensational truth is surely being misidentified as "Fake News"
• Fake News is a current PSYOP affecting algorithmic censorship, at best the problem with this is Google nor Facebook has the expertise/capability to detect what is fake and what is truth to a decent degree, at worst these algorithms are being weaponized against sensitive truths (such as pedophilia in high society)
• Google as the Ministry of Truth[4]: Search engine results based on Google's view of truth (Truth is something most people get very wrong in my experiences)
• Facebook and Google are key focuses of the CIA for algorithmic censorship
• Implanted logic and/or rationalizations can be used to psychologically direct decisions from a programmer or executive
• Manchurian candidates aka mind control assets can be used in a corporate scenario
• Secret society members are known to infiltrate big business[5], I can say with 100% confidence that the Ai industry is a large focus of the secret societies with the most influence over the planet
• Algorithmic censorship is a future step of the ruling class, likely triggered into implementation as a counter to an internet threat threshold reached (The truth is one of the biggest threats to the establishment)

On Google's Knowledge Vault: From
"The Knowledge Vault builds upon this concept, but takes it another step further. By sorting
through the actual content of websites to determine whether or not they fit the official narrative
for the particular idea or concept presented, the Knowledge Vault will act as a type of knowledge
gatekeeper in censoring out information and content deemed to be 'false'.[4]"

Social Media Algorithms

• Fake News used as a rational but false explanation (cover story) for censorship of damning truths
• Facebook is more or less an intelligence operation, while Facebook algorithms are notably suspect[2]
• Twitter algorithm's allegedly to curtail hate speech can be weaponized against legitimate free speech
• Twitter algorithms to label a tweet under the wrong language and inherently cut off the proper language demographic from seeing the tweet
• Instagram algorithms appear to shadow ban those who use CIA assassination hashtags (Perhaps lumped into the terrorist category)
• However I have noticed unfair censorship of conservative and the alt right in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. An entire popular social media platform itself appears to have spawned out of the ashes of social media censorship (
• Google would appear to be the prime target for sources like the CIA to infiltrate with agenda oriented algorithms
• Algorithmic censorship is just coming to into the picture compared to the progression we may see in the next 10-20 years

"About 1 year ago, conspiracy youtubers started getting flooded with flat earth video recommendations even though they had previously never watched a flat earth video in their life. Cass Sunstein, ... chief Obama administration propagandist describes this technique in his book “Nudge.” The technique is to target groups whose opinion they want to shape and gently nudge in the certain directions with several techniques. These include infiltrators and internet forums or comments sections of articles as well as using connections with websites such as youtube to give people recommendations based on their data to push them where they need to go.[6][7]"

"Twitter seemingly has an algorithm in place that tracks specific accounts based upon keywords or wrongthink in general that's coded into the algorithm to censor those accounts.[10]"

Internet COINTELPRO - Internet Censorship Tactics

• Focused toward internet suppression & control
• They want to make the internet less anonymous
• They want to give the internet more legal threat
• Hacktivist False Flag is possible: "Anonymous" could be used as the Patsy
• If patterns persist, Problem-Reaction-Solution will happen related to internet censorship and control (Perhaps brought about by False Flag tactics)
• The establishment claims questioning the official narrative is mental illness[9]
• Questioning the official narrative is labeled as being like a terrorist by the FBI[8]
• Censorship of Facebook profiles due to police request[3]

Censorship Tactic: Labeling Legitimate Websites as Pornography
(which has happened to two of my informational websites
covering sensitive subjects seen in the imagery below)

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