Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ai Warfare - The Future of Drones

A Page from my Upcoming Book: The Electronic Control Grid
Ai Warfare - The Future of Drones
Directed Energy Weapon Sentinels

(Drones depicted in images are not necessarily what sentinels look like)

• Drones mounted with directed energy weapons
• Ai managed electromagnetic weaponry / sonic weaponry
• Traditional missile use is an option against logistically inferior foes
• Ai navigated UAV’s / On board artificial intelligence navigation & decision making
• Fully automated war - No empathy / No dereliction of duty / No whistleblowers
• Air & Space: Ai navigated drones
• Surface: Ai controlled robots and vehicles
• Water: Ai controlled submersibles & water craft
• Environmentally aware onboard Ai via speed of light electromagnetic scanning (e.g. Interferometry)
• Can use WiFi as an environmental scanning method (e.g. RF capture)
• Can use environmental electromagnetic fields as a baseline contrastable wave for surveillance purposes (Earth produces an electromagnetic field)
• Remote neural monitoring enabled - Thought reactive machines
• Ability to disable or control human thought via RF neuroscience
• Apex mind control & torture capabilities via synthetic signals in the brain
• RF implant control and/or hacking ability (e.g. In soldiers or enemies)
• Superluminal (faster than light) ability is an option
• Drones and robots can be connected to a central Ai command with electronic telepathy/BCI enabled human administrators
• Each robot or sentinel can be mounted with onboard Ai robotics & drone instruction
• Onboard Ai can be changed or given orders via encrypted radio frequency from space based satellite directed energy weapons
• A fully advanced & equipped directed energy weapon sentinel fleet would be an undefeatable opponent for any current modern air force
• Nearby missiles and other projectiles can be detected at near the speed of light, and hit with speed of light RF weaponry to disable them
• High powered lazer ability to annihilate at all angles (e.g. 360 degree point of projectile)
• Superluminal inter dimensional directed energy weapon equipped drones mounted with all manner of end game technology would make quick work of any standing army
• Electromagnetic force fields potentially shield from traditional attacks (e.g. Explosions, bullets)
• Directed energy weapon equipped sentinels can be combined with inter dimensional tech
• Inter dimensional technology gives the ability to fly or walk through walls, or shift planes to avoid collision
• These abilities are already known by 21st century intelligence and military sources, they have kept the technology hidden for societal engineering and covert warfare purposes

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